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Alliance for a Civic Hungary Foundation (Szövetség a Polgári Magyarországért Alapítvány) (registered seat: 1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 20. company registration number: 01-01-0009016; tax number: 18180987-1-42; website: http://szpma.hu/; E-mail: alapitvany@szpma.hu; hereinafter referred to as: “Foundation ”) as the operator of the website is committed to retain the confidence of the users of the website. Should you refuse the acceptance of the terms and conditions below, please leave the website. The use of the website is subject to the following conditions.

  1. Acceptable use

Explore the website at your best convenience but please note that the use of the website must not be against the law to the least possible manner (including, but not limited to in particular the infringement of the personal rights, the protection of personal data and intellectual property rights of others). Please refrain from violating the personal rights of others, do not infringe with any intellectual property rights, do not make any offending comments or statement which are defamatory, allude to pornography, are of racist or xenophobic in nature, instigate to violence or breach of the peace and do not threaten integrity of the website in any other way in the course of its use.

  1. Compliance

Infringement with these Terms of Use shall be deemed as material violation of the terms of use applicable to the website, which may involve legal consequences – pending on the circumstances of the case in question –, including the initiation of criminal proceedings or proceedings concerning petty offences, or civil law suits or non legal proceedings.

  1. Data protection and the application of cookies on the website 

Visitors of the website can get more information on the processing of their personal data, their data privacy rights and judicial remedies in the Privacy Policy of the Foundation which can be accessed at: https://szpma.hu/en/privacy-policy

Data subject can obtain more information on the cookies used on the website, the related data processing implications and rights in the Cookies Policy of the website which can be accessed at: https://szpma.hu/en/cookie-policy

  1. Intellectual property rights

The owner of the copyrights, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights appearing or published on the website by or in the name of the Foundation (such as texts of images etc.) is the Foundation, or such contents are presented on the website with the due permission of the beneficiary of such rights. Users shall not be entitled to use the trademarks without the prior written approval of the owner or beneficiary.

The contents of the website is subject to copyright. Information from the pages of the website shall be downloaded, displayed or printed through the internet only and exclusively for personal use (not including any kind of use for commercial purposes) with due consideration of the copyright regulations and other provisions of the law. Use of the website content, whether in part or in whole, in any way other that that referred to above, shall be prohibited without the prior written approval of the Foundation in any form (including in particular, but not limited to: multiply, transfer, disseminate or store).

  1. Liability

The Foundation shall make all reasonable efforts to the extent possible to ensure accuracy of the materials found on the website, to ensure exemption from viruses and other harmful programmes and to avoid the troubles which may affect users. At the same time, liability for all real or assumed damages the user is exposed to due to the use or uselessness of the website is explicitly excluded. Additionally, the Foundation shall not assume any responsibility for any real or assumed damages and inconveniencies originating from incorrect information, omission of the expected user experience, technical or other troubles or inappropriate settings. The User shall undertake to use the materials on this website exclusively at his own risk.

The Foundation does not assume any liability for the situations when the website can not be accessed in the system of the User due to compatibility problems or any other defects or errors, or if cooperation with the application, browsers and software programmes intended to be used by the User is not or not appropriately ensured. The Foundation shall not be held liable for any real or assumed damages, delays arising from this and affecting the User.

The website may contain references to other websites outside of the Foundation’s website (so called hyperlinks or hyper references). Contents of third party website contents is beyond the control of the Foundation and does not necessarily endorse such contents, therefore no responsibility is assumed for their contents, accuracy, functionalities, their exemption from faults and errors, viruses or deficiencies, even in the case when an employee or appointed agent of the Foundation has reviewed or approved the posting of hyperlinks pointing at such other websites on the website. Therefore, users are strongly encouraged to get acquainted with and read carefully the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies, any other statement and information or their respective amendments published on the other websites visited.

In the event the User operates an external website and intends to make a reference to this website, there will be no objection to it on behalf of the Foundation, provided it is made by the User in a fair and law abiding manner, does not violate the reputation of the Foundation, and the User does not obtain any benefit from it, furthermore the exact home page URL for the site is provided (for instance, the use of deep links is not permitted) and in no way such impression is made as if the Foundation would support or sponsor the User site in question, or as if any relation existed between the Foundation and the User or its websites. The same applies to other applications or solutions operated by each of the Users just as well. The application of “framing“ or similar solutions is not permitted, either, and the User shall make sure that the reference to this website opened in a new window.

  1. Contact

Should you have any questions or comments with respect to this website, please contact us at: alapitvany@szpma.hu

  1. Changes

The Foundation shall retain the right to amend or modify these Terms of Use. In order to have an overview on these Terms of Use and to note newer information – if any –, please look at these Terms of Use regularly.

  1. Governing law and jurisdiction

This website was created for Hungarian users only. The Foundation shall not represent and warrant that materials and information posted on this website are appropriate or accessible outside the territory of Hungary.

By visiting the website the User endorses that the law of Hungary shall be applicable to all and any legal disputes arising from or in connection with the website. For the purposes of deciding upon which may arise the courts of Hungary shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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